Dear Friends of,

We purchased this business to teach our children and grandchildren how to work together. We want to help families save money by using their own ward and stake buildings which they can reserve at no cost. 

L.D.S. couples come to meet us at their buildings the day before their receptions and when they return the next day they are surprised to find a beautiful venue to celebrate their marriage with friends and family. 

We have served so many L.D.S. couples all over Arizona and each couple has thanked us with grateful hearts for creating such a beautiful reception for them. We hope to serve you and your family also.  

With Kind Regards, 

Debra Thomas, Owner

[email protected]


Why us?

Here at,we have been creating beautiful receptions in LDS Cultural Halls for more than six years. We have five daughters and we began our business when our third daughter only had one venue option in a small town. She didn't want to have basketball hoops as part of her decor for her reception.